Self Care

Most of us have daily responsibilities and/or health concerns that give us little time to care for ourselves. Even though it is sometimes hard to care for our personal needs, it is important to side aside time for self-care.

We can handle problems, stress and demands of life better if we take time once in awhile to pamper our bodies. Actually our bodies are more resilient when we are calm both physically and mentally.

There are a variety of ways you can apply self-care such as taking a long and leisurely bubble bath. Use scented soaps, bubbles and oils and relax until you are rested and refreshed. Another way is by soaking your feet and then using a pumice stone and sloughing off dead skin. Finish with a soothing cream and polish.

Or, give yourself a manicure or have a manicurist care for your nails. New technology offers a wide variety of nail polish colors for your nails. A coat of nail polish can make you feel like a queen for days afterward.

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Another way is by getting a massage. There is nothing quite like a soothing and relaxing massage. A good massage not only relaxes your body, it can also relax and calm your mind.

Meditating is another way to care for your body and mind. For this method to work, all you need is 5-10 minutes of alone-time. The best way to meditate is to find a place where you can be alone where you can rest on something comfortable. Let the stress go and focus only on positive and happy thoughts. Meditate for as long as you need, until you feel relaxed.

Good nutrition and exercise are other ways to care for your body. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods can also energize and stabilize your body. Enjoy some herbal tea. It is refreshing and calming.

Another way is to take a leisurely walk in your neighborhood or other safe area. Breathe in fresh air and be mindful of your surroundings. By walking for only 20-30 minutes, you can lose almost 200 calories. In addition, walking can prevent depression and lessen anxiety and it is one great way to care for your body.

To conclude, most of us have daily responsibilities and/or health concerns that give us little time to care for ourselves. Follow some of the above suggestions and take time for you!